Young Booze Busters

Secondhand Smoke / Smoking Ban

Have you even walked past someone who was smoking and been able to taste or smell the smoke? When that happens, it’s called secondhand smoking or passive smoking.

Tobacco & Young People

Secondhand smoke is breathing in other peoples tobacco smoke. It is dangerous for anyone but for children, because their lungs are smaller and they breath in and out more quickly, it is even more dangerous. Secondhand smoke can cause chest infections, ear infections and can make asthma worse.

No Smoking in Public Places

Much has been done in the UK to protect people from secondhand smoke.

In Scotland, smoking has been banned in most indoor places since March 2006 because it was decided that everyone should have the right to work and socialise in a smoke-free environment.

A new law beagn on 5th December 2016 which makes it illegal to smoke in a vehicle carrying anyone under 18. It is to give extra protection for children and young people from the harm caused by second-hand smoke.

Anyone caught smoking in a car with someone under 18 will be fined £100 on the spot.

The law doesn’t cover people’s homes though, which means that people do still become ill from secondhand smoke.