Young Booze Busters

Effects on the body

Smoking can have harmful effects on the body from bad breath (short term) to cancer (long term). The younger you start smoking, the greater the risk to your body. Smoking can also make your teeth and fingers turn yellow because of the tar in cigarettes!

Your Body and Brain

Smokers suffer more coughs and colds than non-smokers. They may also be short of breath and less fit than non-smokers, so you’ll struggle to find a sports star that smokes!

Smoking also increases your blood pressure and heart rate – this puts you more at risk for heart attacks. It also means your muscles don’t get as much blood running to them, so they won’t work as well.

If someone is addicted to smoking, not having nicotine can also make them moody.


Cancer is a disease that happens when the body makes cells that are not normal. These cells grow very quickly to take over the normal cells and can spread to different parts of the body if a doctor doesn’t treat it. People can get very sick from cancer and in some cases can even die. There are many different types of cancer, but you can’t get any of them from being near someone who has it. You can get some kinds of cancer from smoking, so that’s another good reason to say no to cigarettes!