Young Booze Busters

Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms, known as ‘magic mushrooms’ or shrooms grow in the wild. They have hallucinogenic effects when eaten raw, cooked or made in to a drink.

The effects are a bit like LSD, and can last 4-10 hours depending on how many you take. People say they feel relaxed and confident when they ‘trip’ on magic mushrooms. Senses can get muddled and music sounds different, colours seem strange, and shapes sometimes looked a bit warped.

People often lose any idea of time, get confused about where they are and can have a ‘bad trip’. This can be a terrifying experience and can cause ‘flashbacks’ for a while after using the drug.

Liberty Caps are the most common variety. When using Magic Mushrooms care needs to be taken as they can easily be mistaken for poisonous mushrooms – many of which are deadly. It can be very difficult to tell species apart, and even a tiny amount of the wrong kind can kill you.

All Psilocybin mushrooms are Class A drugs, whether they are fresh, dried or made in to a drink.