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LSD can also be called acid, blotter or trips. LSD can change the way we see, hear and feel things.

LSD is a strong hallucinogenic drug. It can be sold in tablet form and in thin squares of colourful perforated blotter paper cut into small squares. Taking LSD is called a ‘trip’, and the effects can last up to 12 hours.

These blotters can contain other chemicals and can cause unpleasant side effects which will be different from LSD. There is no way of knowing what is on the blotter or the strength of it which could be very dangerous especially if people who have taken them then drink alcohol.

Once the drug has started to take effect it cannot be stopped until the drug has worn off. Some people have a ‘good trip’, and say they see things like psychedelic colours and fantastic shapes. Others have a ‘bad trip’, and remember feeling panicky and terrified by disturbing things that weren’t real, but felt real.

People can get ‘flashbacks’ from a ‘bad trip’. They re-live the same experience months or even years later, often without warning.

LSD is a Class A drug.