Young Booze Busters

Alcohol and the Brain

Alcohol reaches an adult’s brain in about 5 minutes. In a young person, it starts to affect the brain a lot quicker, after about 2 minutes.

Alcohol can make it harder to concentrate on tasks that people would normally find easy. Things like crossing roads, cooking, driving, playing computer games or playing sports can seem more difficult after drinking alcohol.

When drinking alcohol it’s harder to make safe, sensible choices and to learn, concentrate and remember new things.

Our memory can be affected by alcohol, especially when too much is used or if you’re under 18. If people drink alcohol over a long period of time, memory loss can be permanent.

Behaviour Changes & Risky Decisions

Alcohol affects different people in different ways. Some people may lose their temper faster and get involved in fights or arguments. Others may become giggly, feel relaxed or affectionate.