Young Booze Busters


People smoke by burning tobacco and inhaling the smoke. Inhaling is dangerous, as it can have harmful effects on breathing and the lungs.

Nicotine reaches the brain in around 7 seconds when people smoke tobacco. Smokers say that it makes them feel relaxed and less hungry. However, they can become irritable until they smoke their next cigarette, and they risk becoming addicted.

When a Cigarette Burns

When tobacco smoke burns from a cigarette, it releases thousands of harmful chemicals such as tar which is used to surface roads, carbon monoxide which the gas found in car exhaust fumes and nicotine, the most addictive chemical.

It also releases toxins like rat poison (arsenic), acetone (used in nail polish remover) and ammonia that would normally be used to clean toilets and smells like cat pee! Many of these substances can do nasty things to the human body. Some can cause cancer.