Young Booze Busters


Cannabis can also be known as dope, skunk, weed and hash. It comes in different forms such as; grass, resin and oil.

Cannabis is mostly smoked but can also be eaten or swallowed. People use cannabis to get ‘stoned’ and feel relaxed. It is mostly smoked with tobacco but can also be smoked using a pipe or bong.

The chemical in cannabis that makes people feel stoned and relaxed is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC can also sometimes cause hallucinations and panic attacks.

Cannabis makes people feel relaxed or ‘stoned’ but this depends on the strength of the drug. It can make people feel anything from giggly to paranoid. They can also seem extremely interested in things like the music they are listening to, and want to chat deeply about things to their friends. They can feel very hungry and want to eat all the food they find, this is called the ‘munchies’

Many people who use cannabis with tobacco do not use a ‘filter’ when they smoke it. This means that they risk inhaling more of the dangerous chemicals such as carbon monoxide and cancer-causing substances. They also tend to inhale more deeply than they would if they were smoking an ordinary cigarette, so they hold these substances in their lungs for longer.

Cannabis can affect short term memory, so sometimes people won’t remember all the things they said. It can also affect your ability to concentrate and lead to lack of motivation. Cannabis can also have psychological effects – it can make people upset and worried that their friends are talking about them, and can bring on feelings of ‘freaking out’

Cannabis is a Class B drug.