Young Booze Busters

The Right Choices

Always try to make choices that keep you safe and healthy.

  • Make time to spend with your family and friends, they are your support network. Talk to them about your thoughts and feelings and tell them if something is worrying you or if something makes you happy. You can also be a good friend by listening to others and understanding their feelings too.
  • Try to feel happy by doing things you enjoy with people you like spending time with. Be kind to yourself and others.
  • If you have a problem that is worrying you then go to your support network and talk to them. Make a plan, break it down into steps for how you can solve the problem.
  • Think positively, try your best, be proud of yourself and don’t give up!  This can make you happier, braver and more confident, helping you to make good choices as you get older.

Listen to the people that care about you the most – they want the best for you.

Listen to yourself!