Young Booze Busters


When people take cocaine they get a rush of energy that can make them feel confident, alert, energised and wide-awake. However, there can be some unpleasant effects too. Cocaine comes from the coca plant and is grown in South America.

People call cocaine all sorts of things, like Coke, Charlie, C, Proper and Council. Cocaine is a white powder that is usually separated into lines and snorted up the nose with a banknote or a straw. Sometimes people rub the powder into their gums, and occasionally some people inject it.

Crack is another form of cocaine which tends to be stronger and more addictive.  It is made into small lumps or rocks about the size of a peanut, and is usually smoked in a pipe or plastic bottle. It makes a ‘cracking’ sound when it is burned.

The effects of cocaine last for about 10-20 mins. The cravings for the drug can be very strong and people may soon feel they need to take more. The effects are more intense with crack, coming on quickly, peaking after about 2 minutes and lasting about 10 minutes.

Cocaine can raise blood pressure, increase heart-rate and can cause problems with breathing. Over-use of cocaine can even cause heart problems.

Cocaine and Crack are illegal in the UK, and are both Class A drugs.